27 Trendy Hairstyles For Women Over 40

When women turn 40, the things they do with their hair change as they become more stylish and aware of current trends. There are trendy hairstyles for every woman in her forties, from elegant updos to chic bobs and everything in between. 

This guide goes over 27 sophisticated but modern hairstyles that should inspire any fabulous forty-year-old+.

#1 Voluminous Layered Lob

Welcome the springiness of this large, layered lob which is just right for giving hair that extra little push. They hang in a waterfall of softness and movement around the face with these layers.

#2 Romantic Chignon Twist

Be whisked away by this romantic chignon twist–an updo for all time that murmurs elegance. It epitomizes grace and sophistication when tucked at the nape; perfect for weddings or galas.

#3 Balayage Lob

Step into the limelight with dynamic waves and subtle blond highlights that catch light beautifully. Each strand comes to life as the long layer falls just right every time.

#4 Long Layers with Curtain Bangs

Luxuriate in volume permitted by luxurious layered curls and curtain bangs; depth and dimension are added to hairstyles such as this one. Flowing locks soften features while adding playfulness to an otherwise timeless look.

#5 Sun-Kissed Textured Beach Waves

You can bring summer vibes to any season with sun-kissed beach waves. For a laid-back yet stylish feel, try these gentle cascades of blonde highlights that effortlessly emanate from your head!

#6 Tousled Textured Bob

This tousled textured bob captures chicness in its essence because it gives off playful bounces at every piece of texture. The classic bob has been reimagined as an understated elegant hairstyle here, which is fresh and modern.

#7 Feathered Pixie with Bangs

Cutting your hair into a pixie cut with bangs could be freeing – both confident-making and never out of style. Low-maintenance but high-impact; this feathery ‘do is eternally charming due to its textured layers and effortless appeal.

#8 Sleek Classic Bob

See how sleekness is achieved through even length along the classic bob’s smooth texture? Confidence exudes from this polished appearance!

#9 Voluminous Short Curls

These short curly locks with volume are perfect for a radiant look that celebrates natural texture. It’s all about letting your curls shine through and take center stage.

#10 Messy Top Knot

On casual days, try an imaginative top knot that embodies playfulness yet elegance. This style is carefree enough to keep hair up and out of the way while still showing off some beautiful volume.

#11 Soft White Waves

Exude sophistication with full, shoulder-length wavy hair in a platinum blonde shade. Framing your face beautifully, these waves add depth and versatility to any look.

#12 Half-Long Ponytail

An effervescent half ponytail can elevate any outfit or occasion; playful yet poised at once. Gathered at the peak of your head, it creates a sense of breezy freedom that is unmatched by other styles.

#13 Pixie with Choppy Layers

For stylish edginess, go for choppy textured layers on top of the short pixie cut. Subtle highlights and tousled strands contrast against shorter sides to create dynamicity within this style while maintaining its chicness factor intact throughout.

#14 Edgy Platinum Pixie

Boldness takes form in the shape of an edgy platinum pixie–a haircut full of sharpnesses textures and daring styles alike! Though youthful and vibrant-looking, it defies age limits with its sharp angles alone.

#15. Luscious Long Curls

Big soft curls are about celebrating natural texture and volume. It is a voluminous style that lets your locks be free.

#16 Layered Pixie with Texture

Think about getting a pixie cut with layering for added volume and movement through texture. It has an effortless chicness to it that also feels very current.

#17 Short Shaggy Hairstyle with Playful Bangs

A short shag haircut is good for embracing youthful energy as well as creating lots of texture on top of movement. Tousled layers combined with feathered ends give off a carefree vibe while highlights add dimension.

#18. Sophisticated Feathered Bob

This feather bob hairstyle was made elegant by adding strategic layers to give volume along its length. Feathered edges make it softer around the face so there’s still some classic feel without any fuss.

#19 Texturized Bob Haircut With Centre Part

A center-parted textured bob puts a modern twist on timeless elegance by mixing sophistication with playfulness – plus layered textures give this look lots of body which frames the face beautifully too!

#20 Sunkissed Layers with Side Swept Bangs

Warm honey-colored layers that softly frame your visage paired together with side-swept bangs create whimsical feelings. This kind of hairstyle speaks relaxation yet remains classy at all times.

#21 Chic Blunt Bangs

Straight-across bangs make a statement because they are bold, confident, and have a classic appeal. This look combines the chicness of a bob with the modernity of sharp bangs, framed by beautiful highlights.

#22 Perm That Looks Modern

Curls can look elegant when given a modern twist through perming that makes them bounce. These lively curls feel weightless and have an element of playful spontaneity which is just perfect for newness.

#23 Smooth Sleek Long Hair

Long straight hair has never gone out of style since it always looks timeless with its sleek. This no-fuss statement is very polished and refined in finish.

24. Tousled Lob with Bangs

This long bob is playful yet sophisticated with wispy layers at the ends. Also, the inclusion of soft bangs gives a youthful appearance hence perfect for those who want to look carefree.

25. Short Layered Bob

A short bob with dynamic layers and texture helps embrace natural silver hues while still looking edgy. It’s a fresh take on classic styles that shows confidence too.

26. Subtle Balayage Waves

These gentle waves are elegant and refined thus adding a touch of class to any natural wave pattern. ensure you include some smooth layers to create a feminine shape flattering all face types.

27. Beachy Waves 

Beachy waves are effortlessly relaxed but polished, giving off sun-kissed vibes that work well anywhere. Soft blonde highlights create volume through flowing waves which appear as if they have been tousled carelessly thereby making them appear stylish too.

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