23 Gorgeous Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Just because it’s a new decade doesn’t mean you have to give up on fashion; instead, use it as an occasion to try out new appearances that highlight how beautiful and self-assured you are. 

Medium-length hairstyles hit right at the sweet spot between flexibility and class, which makes them perfect for ladies over fifty who want to refresh their look. 

If you’d rather go with something sleek or tousled with some texture, take a look at these twenty-three gorgeous haircuts — they’re sure to make your next stylish change appear timeless as well as youthful!

#1 Shoulder-Length Balayage Waves

Natural and soft waves that fall on the shoulders and are mixed with highlights are done using the balayage technique. The hairdo is evergreen and easy to wear, yet multi-dimensional and textured.

#2 Loose Silver Curls

Bouncy curls in a luxurious silver-grey color that bounce as they walk. These light curls show movement aside from adding volume, hence becoming a center of focus due to their glossy appearance.

#3 Piecey Shoulder-Length Waves

These are wavy strands cut at shoulder length without much effort being put into making them look like pieces which gives a beach-like vibe. It’s an elegant but casual hairstyle that can be worn any day or night out.

#4 Balayage Layers

Layers filled with colors that blend well together thanks to balayage highlights thus creating depth around one’s face shape. This technique adds brightness throughout these different lengths while increasing mobility for an updated youthful look.

#5 Rounded Layered Bob

A round classic bob with soft layers for added height or volume at the back of the head area where it may lack some fullness compared to other parts such as sides or top regions near the crown area.

This will always need more lift anyway because they’re higher up there so gravity pulls them down harder than those lower down. This rounded bob keeps on being stylish forever and can be used by anyone who needs it.

#6 Wispy Highlighted Shag with Bangs

A messy shortcut featuring shaggy wisps framing the forehead and subtle highlights giving depth. It has a carefree feel about it but still looks cool which makes this style perfect for those wanting youthful vibes without putting much effort into their hair.

#7 Voluminous Lob

A big volumized long bob with sleek straight lines sculpting around face framing lines bringing out elegance every time someone sees you wearing it lol… The texture in this lob comes from all over not just one place like most lobs do so it’s got that contemporary feel to it.

#8 Wavy Lob

A lob hairstyle with natural beach waves cascading down the shoulders giving off a relaxed and feminine vibe. This kind of wavy lob offers both casualness and classiness making it suitable for different occasions whether laid back or dressed up such as weddings.

#9 Textured Golden Layers with Side Part

Side-swept golden textured layers are designed to keep hair looking lively by emphasizing its movement. It’s like having bedhead all day long but in an attractive way instead of looking messy or tired which can make one appear older than they are. So trendy yet has a classic look.

#10 Chic Bob with Blunt Bangs

A sleek clean line cut with blunt bangs falling just above eye level giving an air of sophistication mixed with fun edginess. This chic bob makes a statement without shouting it from rooftops or trying too hard so everyone will surely notice your new hairstyle even if you don’t mention anything about getting a haircut done recently haha!

#11 Sleek Straight Bob

Straight shiny polished jaw-length hair for a formal look that could be worn anywhere. The sleekness of this bob is what sets it apart from others since most bobs have more volume around them while this one doesn’t have any because everything lies flat against the scalp region. 

You’ll never go wrong choosing such elegant style especially when going out somewhere nice where people dress up nicely themselves too.

#12 Voluminous Layers

Layers cut in such a way as to give utmost fullness hence creating an illusion of having lots and lots of hair. These voluminous styles always offer versatility plus movement which means they can suit anyone who wants their locks looking deeper.

#13 Layered Feathered Cut

Lightly layered wispy pieces styled gently towards ends thus giving soft touchable texture throughout tresses. This feathered cut looks very sophisticated and refined, but at the same time playful and not very strict.

#14 Elegant Layered Curls

Perfectly styled curls arranged in different layers produce elegance and grace. This is one of those hairdos that will never go out of fashion because it’s beautiful regardless of current trends or times we live in.

#15 Tousled Chestnut Waves

Radiating warmth and charm with its natural texture, this chestnut wave is styled in a disheveled way. For those who want an easy but polished hairdo, this look is perfect.

#16 Textured Bob with Layers 

A bob cut that has been layered to create texture. This gives the hairstyle depth and movement. It’s a modern take on the classic look; giving it more life.

#17 Silver Blunt Bob

A sleek and sharp bob cut in a stunning silver hue that exudes confidence and sophistication through bold color choices and clean lines. Looking for something striking yet elegant? Then go with this silver bob that will make people stop and stare!

#18 Face-Framing Layers 

Layers are designed specifically for framing your face to enhance features while at the same time adding softness or femininity if desired. The versatility of this face-framing style makes it suitable for anyone wanting an attractive chic appearance.

#19 Layered Bob with Bangs 

A youthful-looking dynamic layered bob cut adorned with bangs that can be used as side-swept fringes too depending on how you want them styled. Adding volume and texture are some of the things that these types of hairstyles do best – making it perfect for ladies who would like to have such qualities added to their hair.

#20 Flowy Beach Waves

Waves created by effortless styling fall freely down toward one direction creating an illusion of relaxedness or calmness most commonly associated with being at the beach. If you’re looking for something airy and natural then try out this kind of hairstyle.

#21 Layered Honey Balayage Bob 

Honey balayage highlights have been infused into layers within a stacked haircut resulting in depth perception where some parts are lighter than others due to coloring methods used. It creates a three-dimensional appearance overall effect produced being vibrant warm tones against dark background colors ranging from light brown down through dark brunette shades. 

When choosing between different types of layered bobs with highlights, keep in mind that this type will suit people with various hair types.

#22 Layered Silver Waves with Curtain Bangs 

Silver waves have been styled into layers thus cascading one over another forming a cascaded effect then letting down gently onto the shoulders while framing the face at the front sides using long side bangs or curtain bangs.

If you want to achieve modern and natural gray hairs then consider going with a hairstyle like this which embraces them all.

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#23 Sleek Lob with Flipped-Up Ends 

A sleek polished lob cut where ends were flipped upwards so they would create more movement and texture around the head area making it look fresh every time a person moves their head from side to side or up and down. Many people love how sophisticated yet charming lobbies appear on different occasions – that’s why most ladies prefer having at least one such kind of haircut in their collection.

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