Have You Tried Cloves in Your Shampoo for Boosting Hair Health?

My appetite for natural remedies and their influence on hair has always been great, and my recent findings have been in the area of spices.

Although the concept of using cloves in hair care is not new, it began to trend online after many people started adding them to their shampoos.

This made me curious about its potential benefits and eventually led me to consult a trichologist by the name of Dr. Sravya C Tipirneni from Manipal Hospitals in Bengaluru.

Cloves are actually loaded with substances such as flavonoids, eugenol, caryophyllene, etc..

These have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial characteristics that can improve blood circulation in your head hence preventing scalp damage. This encouraged me to commence my personal journey into DIY hair care.

Below are some of the ways I used cloves:

At times when my hair was long enough I would start with one teaspoonful of whole cloves or adjust according to the length.

I boiled a small jar of water and then simmered it for about 10-15 minutes together with these cloves.

This clove-infused water mixed well with my normal shampoo after sieving out the nails.

It was an easy process and utilizing this newly formulated shampoo felt like any other typical wash-up habit of mine.

Though there seems to be an overwhelming amount of information online regarding how clove affects your hair, Dr. Tipirneni cautioned against having too much expectation.

She told me that while adding cloves into shampoo sounded like a good idea, there still isn’t much data behind it yet.

For those who wish to make more use of cloves, Dr.Tipirneni advised making a paste for your hair mask. I attempted mixing coconut oil with ground-up clovers and applied it as a mask before washing off during my usual shampooing routine.

Meanwhile, she also recommended rubbing clove oil directly onto our scalps so as to boost nourishment whilst assisting in good blood circulation.

From the experiment, it became apparent that cloves may not be a miracle hair growth hack but they are certainly nourishing. Cloves whether added to shampoo or used as a mask make my hair strong and healthy.

Clove-Infused Hair Care Tips

Picking the Right Form of Cloves:

For infusions, whole cloves are best since they release oil slowly which ensures that one has a strong mixture; this is easily done using grounded cloves but can be difficult to filter the liquid.

Creating a Strong Clove Infusion:

If you want it stronger, try simmering slightly longer or use more of the cloves. As we well know, the more time that passes in which the cloves soak, the more concentrated your infusion will be.

Mixing with the Right Base:

When making masks, choose a base that fits your hair type. Dry hair can benefit from coconut oil while lighter oils such as avocado or almond oil may be better for greasy hair.

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Application Technique:

Apply clove oil or clove-infused masks on damp hair to increase absorption. Use your fingers to softly rub in the oil over your scalp. This way there is no pooling yet blood flow is enhanced within your head.

Heat for Enhanced Effects:

Put on a warm towel after applying a clove hair mask. This opens up the pores of your scalp and lets in more of the active ingredients found in cloves.

Regular Use for Best Results:

Consistency is essential when using natural remedies. You should apply a clove treatment once every week for multiple weeks and determine how much it impacts your health.


I have incorporated these into my shampoo as an infusion and used them as part of my homemade hair masks so I say that while they won’t change how fast our hair grows, they definitely contain some substances good for its health.

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For instance, clove has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that promote a healthy scalp without such conditions as dandruff and acne; moreover, improved blood circulation following massaging with clove oil could strengthen follicles thus promoting stronger growth over time.

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