Why I Started Using a Hot Towel for My Hair After an Expert’s Advice

A hot towel incorporated into your haircare regime may make your wash more effective, especially during the pre-wash phase with detox or purifying treatments.

After putting detox products on the scalp, roots, mid-lengths, and ends of the hair, it is wrapped with a hot moist towel as part of Jorge Rubina’s I.C.O.N. brand salon routine.

The heat from the towel opens up the hair cuticles so that deeper cleaning can take place while its active ingredients are better absorbed.

To have a weekly hair detox routine; you must be recommended for such a procedure by stylist Cristina Vidal. Once you have applied a detox product, dip a towel in hot water, squeeze out any excess water, and wrap it around your head.

Such warmth ensures that there is thorough cleansing and gives an added advantage to this treatment.

Nevertheless, the product should be rinsed out as soon as the towel gets cold (usually after 5–10 minutes) as this indicates closing cuticles that otherwise impede cleansing.

In most cases when performing this process, Cristina Vidal opts for I.C.O.N.’s Shift treatment; however, there is flexibility in applying different pre-shampooing detox treatments or even using purifying shampoos for those aiming at deep cleansing.

Massage of both hair and scalp during application greatly assists in eliminating residues effectively. Depending on how delicate one’s skin is around the skull area use light pressure or a mild touch if it begins to irritate.

For example, instead of wrapping towels around their head, Vidal offers alternative ways such as using plastic bags or osmotic film followed by blow drying for some time.

This method also tries to simulate sauna thus making sure that treatment goes much deeper into hair shafts.

Frequently practicing these methods will make your hair look significantly cleaner and shinier, especially in places with heavy pollution levels.

With very few adjustments to your daily routine, you can accomplish this simple but efficient approach to hair detoxification that will change your hair life for good.

I have used a hot towel in my haircare regime based on my personal experience and can say that it has made a big difference, especially when I want to cleanse and rejuvenate my hair thoroughly. Below are some practical tips derived from my consistent use of this method:

1. Right Choice of Towel

Go for a medium-sized or small towel that can easily wrap around your head without being cumbersome. Since the microfiber is soft to the hair and absorbs water very well, it will be perfect for this purpose.

2. Water Temperature

Ensure the water is not boiling but hot. The aim is to get a towel that is pleasantly warm on your scalp as it opens up cuticles effectively with no pain or burning sensation on your skin.

3. Technique of Application

Wrap the heated towel turban-style over your head after applying detox or purifying treatment. In other words, you need to keep the heat trapped evenly while moving around until there are effects occurring in the treatment.

4. Time is Everything

Watch out for time carefully since keeping the towel still wrapped around your locks after cooling may negate any gains achieved as cuticles begin closing down. Usually, 5-10 minutes are enough.

5. Rinsing Off

Instead of using hot water when rinsing out, opt for lukewarm water only. This helps in the gradual closure of cuticles thereby sealing the treatment which enhances glowing and healthy hair texture.

6. How Often You Should Use It?

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Though detox treatments are tempting to be used frequently, they can strip off natural oils from your hair if overused Alternatively, depending on one’s type of hair and environment, once per week or even bi-weekly using this technique may do better.

7. Complement with Other Treatments

Consider applying a nourishing mask or conditioner following a detox session. You see our follicles will readily imbibe these substances due to open cuticles caused by the process.

8. Sensitiveness to Scalp

Monitor how your scalp will react to heat if it is sensitive. The temperature and duration should be adjusted appropriately, and a lighter hand could be employed during the application of the product to avoid irritations.

9. Use Various Products

However, not all hair reacts similarly with every product so there is no harm for you to try different detox treatments or purifying shampoos suitable for your hair type.

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10. Regular Monitoring

Look at changes in your hair’s response to this procedure over time as well as identify growth tendencies such as shine increase due to reduced build-ups, but also watch out for any signs of dryness and irritation.

With these tips, using a hot towel has become more than a simple activity, but rather an amazing transformation in my daily hair care routine

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