25 Gorgeous Bangs Hairstyles to Elevate Your Updo

Do you want to take your hairstyle to another level with elegance and style? Look no further than timeless updo hairstyles that come along with bangs. We have identified twenty-five of them which are quite captivating. 

They have been decorated with bangs, thus providing many styling ideas for enhancing your beauty and making you more glamorous. If you’re getting ready for a special occasion or simply looking for a sleek everyday look, these beautiful updos alongside their bangs can truly inspire.

#1: Curtain Bangs for High Updo

With a high updo, it is possible to have curtain bangs that elegantly frame your face. By doing so, you will achieve a fresh and polished look for your hair on any occasion.

#2: Soft Messy Updo with Side-Swept Bangs

If you want to feel relaxed in your hairstyle, try the messy soft updo with sidelong whiskers. The loose waves are ideal for long thick hairs. Put them into a bun using bobby pins to make it seem like they were randomly arranged.

#3: Sleek Bun with Hair Accessories and Fringe

Make your sleek bun classier by having some chic hair accessories and fringe at the front. This elegant bun is also decorated with pearls and beads displaying the epitome of timeless sophistication that can go well in any classic event.

#4: Loose Updo on Dark Hair

The loose updo designs are meant specifically for those people who have dark hair as their ultimate perfect casual sophisticated hairstyle. The style has also got a light touch of tousledness giving an impression of soft fern texture, which matches all types of bohemian looks.

#5: Soft Brunette Upstyle with Curtain Fringe

This brunette soft upstyle comes with curtain fringe where parties are involved. It’s most fitting if one is attending a wedding or formal event because it gives out elegance naturally as well as framing the facial structure beautifully.

#6: Full Fringed Loose Bun  

Try out a full-fried loose bun this fall if you want to appear smart. It is a mix of short sections and long layers that make this hairstyle look trendy; on top of this, it has blunt bangs which add more beauty to its simplicity hence becoming an option for people who care about fashion without demanding much from the styles they choose.

#7: Front Layered High French Twist 

Front layered high French twist is a contemporary trend. This informal hairstyle has a timeless elegance that makes it suitable for formal occasions and can be easily achieved using the right set of tools and cosmetics.

#8: Middle Part Bangs Topknot Bun

A top knot bun with middle part bangs could make a nice fairy-like updo for hair at least on the shoulder length. This modern look blends sophistication with playfulness, making it fit various facial contours.

#9: Straight Bangs Soft Textured High Bun

Make this statement with a soft-textured high bun and straight across bangs. A popular formal style, this offers an understated elegance and a sleek, polished look that can be worn to many types of events.

#10: Thick Bun with Face-Framing Bangs and Layers

This chunky bun accessorized with face-framing bangs plus layers will take your thick hair to another level of style and volume. Instead, this updo emphasizes the natural body in your hair resulting in a stunning effect that meets both fashionableness as well as practicality.

#11: Pinned Updo with Eye-Grazing Fringe

Boost your style quotient with a pinned-up updo having an eye-grazing fringe. It is a soft and graceful hairstyle that gives an air of high class to any outfit when dressed down for casual wear or used as a formal hairdo.

#12: Blonde Messy Bun Updo

Choose a chic messy bun updo with blonde highlights for a trendy look. This fashionable hairstyle comes with braids and some loose frizzes making it fun but still stylish on different occasions.

#13: Braided Bun with Green Face Frame

Set yourself apart by getting a braided bun decorated using a green face frame. This unusual hair styling brings out elegance and creativity, portraying elaborate plaits combined with vibrant colors to give an incredibly amazing look.

#14: Wavy High Bun with Framing Layers

Get the wavy high bun that is balanced through framing layers to achieve that special person appearance. It adds texture and dimension to your hair, giving you a tender feminine charm appropriate for weddings or other red-letter days.

#15: Romantic Loose Bun with Long Bangs

Enjoy your moments of love by wearing a shaggy top knot crowned in front by falling long bangs. A lovable hairstyle that speaks volumes of grace without breaking much sweat since it’s always elegant whether worn by bridesmaids or the bride herself.

#16: Formal Blonde Ballerina Bun with Thin Bangs

Update your style using a formal blond ballerina bun matched up by delicate fine bangs. This timeless refined classic depicts sophistication, and nobility and can be worn only at formal events or celebrations.

#17: Smooth Knot Updo with Blunt Bangs

Be the talk of the day in this neat knot-styled-up do that has full blunt fringe. This glossed modernized variation is meant to take a conventional touch into sophistication without losing on formality on whoever wears it.

#18: Voluminous High Bun with Side Bangs

Sculpt a superbly suave romantic look with a big high bun coupled with side-swept bangs. This sumptuous hairstyle gives your locks volume and texture while framing your face in a very beautiful way.

#19: Top Knot with Straight Bangs

Acquire a casual and classy appearance using a top knot accompanied by straight fringes. Being chic, modernistic, and serious this hairstyle is appropriate for weekend outings as well as professional occasions due to its great flexibility.

#20: Loose Updo with Wispy Bangs for Round Faces

If you want the best look that will suit your round face, then consider wearing loose up do finish off with some wispy bangs. This elegant hair styling does more to soften your looks, bringing about an amorous feeling that is perfect for bridal parties, etc.

#21: Big Bun with Full Fringe

Why don’t you go for a major bun coupled with full fringe to give yourself an everlasting look? It is such a great classic hairdo that speaks of class and grace turning it into the best choice whenever going in search of official wear or even spending the evening in glamour.

#22: Soft Updo with Face-Framing Layers

Try out soft updos having face-framing layers attractively falling over your forehead. This trendy hairstyle effortlessly lies between formal and casual occasions allowing women to choose something appropriate irrespective of their hair texture.

#23: Parted Bangs on Simple Updo

Divide your strands into two parts while wearing simple updos matched with parted bangs to look unique. This stunning style merges sophistication plus playfulness making it perfect for those who like being smartly dressed.

#24: ’90s Upstyle with Bottleneck Bangs

Get a nostalgic feeling by wearing a 1990s upstyle that has bottleneck bangs which make it a retro kind of appearance. A modern touch was however added to this common hairstyle thereby making it quite interesting due to its playful nature, so that each woman could find something personal in her set before any kind of event.

#25: Tousled Upstyle with Long Bangs  

If you want to have a chic feeling go for a tousled updo that has a long hair fall in long bangs. This hairstyle is elegant and refined at the same time, it carries notes of romance and temptation making it suitable for any important event or formal party.

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