23 Sexiest Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40 in 2024

Women in their 40s often search for hairstyles that embody self-assurance, class, and a little bit of seductiveness. Short hairstyles give those who want to say something while experiencing maturity the latitude they require.

Come 2024, there continues to be a change in the trend for short hair among women over 40 years old with a variety of sexy and chic styles that bring out individuality and timeless beauty. 

These twenty-three short hairstyles for women above forty are going to be your next bossy transformation from textured crops to sleek bobs.

#1 Short Black Hairstyle

This haircut is short from a pixie to a bob and is straight styled with texture, perfect for wider face shapes and medium hair volume. Alterna’s Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Spray will help to make the hair smooth, repair it, and protect it.

#2 Textured Short Haircut

Platinum blonde textured short haircut that suits oval faces adding bounce with choppy layers ideal for women in their 40s. Medium-density hair has pure cheek on it but one must see to keep up this shade to have vibrancy.

#3 Long Layered Bob

Enjoy a long layered bob with lots of layers that come along with subtle highlights particularly good for oval faces and medium hair textures. This style has many colors blending into each other throughout the length of the hair making it a great transition however; without proper styling, it does not hold its shape.

#4 Organic Short Wavy Hair

Short hair done in organic waves produces a softer more natural look compared to tight curls which can be achieved by using Alterna’s Caviar Working Hairspray that gives long-lasting hold and shine. Wrap your medium-sized barrel iron around sections of the hair and set it with flexible hold spray for a youthful look.

#5 Easy Textured Crop

An auburn-tinged pixie cut highlighted by subtle touches enhancing the textures giving rise to a voluminous crown with tapered finesse suitable for oval face shape and medium-density hair. This style can take you from daytime into evening wear easily as long as you are maintaining trims regularly.

#6 Multi-Dimensional Style

Various looks are possible because these short hairstyles for women over 40 have multidimensional texture lines suitable for both straight and wavy styles. With different options of texture, this style is about being sophisticated and can be worn at any day’s activities.

#7 Asymmetric Chic Crop

Choose an asymmetrical platinum blonde pixie-bob that is perfect for oval faces and has a boldness represented by its front layers delicately contouring the back cropped layers. On straight hair with medium density, this cut gives volume by skillful layering making it ideal for those who want to stay current but have their unique style.

#8 Soft Waves

For an oval face and fine medium ash blonde hair, you can go for grace in this medium-length hairstyle featuring some side-swept waves and strategic layering as well. What makes this look particularly beautiful is when natural colors merge with sublime ash – though watching the color may be necessary to avoid brassiness.

#9 Fresh and Young Pixie Cut

A super short pixie cut that features tapered sides leading up to a voluminous crown does give classic cuts a modern twist suitable for oval faces and medium-density hair. Although edgy and time-saving; it must be maintained through regular salon visits to keep its silhouette thus good for younger people seeking to look young but professional.

#10 Neck-Length Bob for Thick Hair

For thick locks, a neck-length bob that sits between the chin and shoulders could be worn wavy or sleek providing versatility together with easy care. Secret layers may need to be thought about in case of removal of weight or improved looks based on one’s stylist’s decision.

 #11 Short Copper Colored Hair

Bob for Women Over 40 with Fine Strands and Short in the Back and Sides A chic charred bob, deep side part, vibrant copper tint that frames the face beautifully with textured layers to give volume. Good for women over 40 with thin strands. This style pumps up volume but not gaining high maintenance thereby providing a trendy twist for anyone looking for a breath of fresh air.

#12 Short Choppy Side-Parted Haircut 

Short Edgy Hairstyles that are Easy to Maintain by Adding Volume at the Top Show off short choppy side-parted haircuts perfect for women aged forty-something who want to be daring and yet maintain their youthfulness. The pixie cut variation adds a side swoop that suits different face shapes making it bold and fashionable.

#13 Pixie Cut with a Side Part and Bangs

Pixie Cuts without Side Parting Some people can pull off pixie cuts with side parts and bangs, which is good if you have thick or coarse hair because it provides length around your cheeks & ears giving you an appearance of being youthful. The crown can be textured while the face is full of volume & length to provide a contemporary look that can be flexibly modified.

#14 Blunt Barbie Blonde Bob 

A radiant blonde bob styled with straight ends enhanced by using purple toning shampoo that helps avoid brassiness, giving an energetic controlled appeal. This style updates a traditional bob just enough; it will suit someone who wants to make a loud fashion statement.

#15 Above-the-Shoulder Straight Bob Cut 

Polished Sleek Above-The-Shoulder Bob Cut For Women Over 40 A versatile timeless above-the-shoulder bob cut has clean lines and a sleek look suitable for mature ladies aged 40 years old and above who need refined looks. The hairstyle frames the face beautifully and also creates a young look which is perfect for straight hair that can be easily managed.

#16 Short Auburn Bob Makeover 

A vibrant change in looks for someone who needs to feel new by making their aging blonde bob short and texturized Looking for a fresh change? Try out this short auburn bob with super-textured layers. Textured bob paired up with warm hair color gives you an entirely new and trendy look that will perfectly suit women over 40.

#17 Side Parted Makeover 

When You Want Your Bob To Look Fresh Again Layers on the crown stop it from going too triangular, frame the face better, and bring your modernity back. For those considering shorter hairstyles, a more flattering update might include a textured bob rather than something triangular.

#18 Short Tapered Long Pixie Cut 

Short Hair Cut Like Men’s But Longer on Top Young-looking Women Above 40s: Taper cut; sides & back are quickly becoming shorter and the top part takes a gradually longer shape downwards. This cut provides a young appearance but is still easy to maintain since it can be tailored to one’s tastes or face shapes.

#19 Straight Blonde Bob with a Sweeping Bang 

Sleek Looking Blonde Bob Hairstyle With A Side-Swept Fringe Created By Smoothing Balm On Their Hair Perfect for forty-year-old women looking for sleek straight blond bobs. Regular salon visits are necessary to keep the length of this platinum blonde at bay while remaining trendy & stylish.

#20 Low-Maintenance Asymmetric Bob 

An Asymmetrical Style that Doesn’t Require Constant Maintenance For those worried about upkeep, choose a low-maintenance asymmetric bob that grows nicely between appointments. This popular cut provides flattering & versatility without being as intense as a pixie or many other short chops.

#21 Short Wispy Crop and Bangs

Take on a light wispy crop with bangs for an edgy yet feminine style suitable for straight hair textures on women aged forty. This hairstyle emphasizes facial features by creating volume around the crown and framing, thus providing a trendy option that is also attractive to those looking for texture.

#22 Layered Short Haircut

Go for a short layered pixie haircut with fine hair using styling wax or balm to obtain an ultra-pieces look. This haircut has versatility and modernity; it suits all stylish women at the age of 40 and beyond who go in pursuit of easy-to-style options.

#23 Jaw-Length Rooted Blonde Bob

A deep side parting jaw-length bob gives a contemporary appearance perfect for hair aging gracefully that will work well on any woman turning 40. Styling involves detangling gently using a wide-tooth comb, applying heat protectant then finishing off with a curling wand which will enhance volume and movement leaving behind a sophisticated contemporary look.

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