31 Short Layered Haircuts Women Are Loving Right Now

Ever thought of adding some sass to your mop but wouldn’t want to spend hours maintaining it? Consider Short layered haircuts.

They are like the Swiss Army knives of hairstyles, so flexible, so easy, and capable of making your hair the center of attention.

We’ve selected some cuts that are not only ‘easy-peasy lemon squeezy’ but also stylish enough to get you noticed for more than just being mistaken for a celebrity with a new hairstyle.

1. Highlighted Balayage Pixie Bob

The length of a pixie bob and the sun-kissed look of balayage highlights provide this haircut with a trendy appearance.

The color gradients subtly add depth to make sure that your new haircut stands out while at the same time maintaining an elegant style with low maintenance.

2. Layered Textured Pixie Cut

It is about varying lengths and textures in order to achieve dimension and movement for this cut.

The layered technique used here is perfect for adding volume to finer hair types, which makes them playful but sophisticated lines that frame the face so beautifully.

3. Voluminous Bob with Layers

It makes your hair fuller and your body looks like it because layers have been embraced by the bob.

If you have thin hair but want it full and bouncy, giving a healthy or vibrant look it’s an ideal way of achieving that.

4. Rounded Bob with Layers

This type of bob has a rounded shape with added curves and volumes shaped by layers surrounding it offering a timeless look thus smoothing out natural facial features.

5. Wavy Tossed Hair with Layers

These casually tousled waves are styled with distinct layering for a casual yet chic effect. It can be worn as simply wavy or turned into any other thing that you want, depending on how you style your hair.

6. Asymmetrical Layered Pixie

A twist on traditional pixie cuts, this one uses asymmetry to create drama in its sophistication.

The layers give dimension thereby making the asymmetrical design appear more modern. Hence people looking forward to making statements will definitely love such choices.

7. Short Curls in Layers

Designed for curly hair types, this stylish cut emphasizes natural texture through strategic layering techniques without adding bulk.

It acknowledges curls by wearing them loose in their natural state without encroaching on the entire face.

8. Stacked Layered Angled Bob

This is a bob cut that falls at an angle, shorter in the back and longer in front with layers that are stacked to create volume at the back.

The structure of the cut creates a sleek, forward-moving shape that looks modern and sophisticated.

9. Razor Cut Layered Pixie Bob

It’s a great option for fine or thin hair as it gives it a feathered effect which is light in weight because of the use of the razor technique.

The layers have been intricately sectioned to be choppy such that they show off the dynamic structure of this pixie bob.

10. Platinum Pixie with Messy Layers

The hairstyle shown here is known as platinum pixie and it comes with short choppy layers.

It has bold coloration combined with casual styling making it stand out among other choices.

11. Retro Voluminous Curly Layered Bob

This voluminous bob works well for thick, curly hair. Its retro look is achieved by layering.

The curls will be styled into maximum volumes thus making you appear very daring.

12. Layered Bob with Waves

This layered bob aims to amplify the wavy hair by placing strategic cuts that add texture and motion.

The hairstyle is equally good for business environments as well as casual occasions since it has natural and flowing waves.

13. Small Undulatory Layers

To add texture and volume, this hairstyle combines short layers with waves that make for a young, carefree look. It is quite easy to sustain and caters to an active and lively lifestyle.

14. Textured Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

For the structured cut, this textured bob has chic side-swept bangs adding a soft feminine touch.

The depth created by the texture is highlighted by those bangs that beautifully frame the face.

15. Pixie Cut with Textured Layers

This modern pixie cut features textured layers which give it a fuller look at the crown area as well as make it more versatile yet fashionable.

For low-density or thinning hair, these textured layers create a bulkier effect.

16. Blunt Bob with Layers

With a sleek and sophisticated blunt bob slightly layered for shape-enhancing its overall appearance, this cut is not too straight up to move. It flatteringly suits those who want a clean, refined look.

Especially when they still need their edges softened by layering techniques.

17. Layered Angled Bob

A dynamic layered angled bob hairstyle entails combining sharp angles with gentle layering creating numerous styles all coming from one look that can be suitable for any occasion.

On top of providing a contemporary twist, the angle gives room for customization based on the facial profile and type of hair used here.

18. Feathered Short Layers

These short layers are light and airy feathered giving this hairstyle a lighter feel without excessive weight-to-volume ratio as well as offering low maintenance but trendy choices that could make you appear younger than your age group.

19. Curtain Bangs Layered Bob

This hair design combines timeless curtain bangs with a classic bob featuring a layered haircut inside it so as to add some body or movement into them instead of having heavy blunt ends one gets desirable bouncy locks closer to the scalp line framing facial contours in an elegant manner.

20. Side-Swept Bangs on a Pixie Bob

This style is characterized by the inclusion of a pixie bob, a simple yet classy hairstyle with side-swept bangs.

For those who need a short stylish cut that frames their faces gently and adds some elegance to it, this is the perfect choice.

21. Shaggy Cut with Short Layers

Short layers are used in this shaggy cut to give texture and volume making it an easy-to-maintain trendy hairdo.

This haircut style suits thin or finer hair well because it gives it more thickness and volume for a denser appearance.

22. Piecey Pixie with Texture

The textured pixie cut has piecey layers which make it look more modern and deep from the back part as compared to the front sections since one may suffer dissatisfaction and would prefer an easy but bold look when styling hair at home.

23. Shaggy Layers in a Short Cut

This haircut offers shaggy layers creating much body whilst looking casual or slightly unkempt. Therefore, helping you create laid-back beautiful hairdos without appearing disheveled

24. Blunt Wavy Bob

A wavy blunt bob combines clean lines of blunt cuts with waves thereby adding a twist of modernity into an old-time classic look.

These waves soften the bluntness reducing its formality when attached to different face shapes as well as becoming versatile in them too.

25. Rounded Bob Hairstyle with Smooth Layers

This rounded bob uses soft layers that contribute to a smooth and voluminous silhouette that enhances the natural shape of the hair. It is for people looking for an easy-to-maintain yet classy hairstyle.

26. Bob Haircut with Wispy Layers

The wispy layers in this hairstyle inject a light, airy feeling into the traditional bob, giving it a slightly textured appearance.

It’s nice for women who want a softer touch on their bob style while keeping its classic look intact.

27. Pixie Haircut with Undercuts

An undercut pixie cut- modern, bold where most of the bulk has been reduced to leave just styled upper layers that look thinner.

28. Copper Layered Bob

This bob features beautiful copper tones which are enriched by layering that adds dimension and movement to color keeping it three-dimensional.

It’s such a vibrant and attention-grabbing look that brings warmth and brightness to anyone’s face.

29. Tousled Pixie Cut

A carefree pixie cut with tousled styling adds texture and edge playfully rendered through artful messiness. This is perfect for casual wearers who want to be stylish yet casual at the same time.

30. Slick Straight Pixie Cuts

It’s an immaculate precision straightness haircut designed to offer sharp neatness in appearance.

It will suit someone who wants low maintenance without compromising on style still displaying hair luster naturally.

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31. Layered Pixie Haircut Underneath

This dynamic hairstyle combines the boldness of an undercut with some softness brought about by layered styling at the crown area, underneath.

The undercut provides clean lines around the sides, while on-top layering gives volume & texture to one’s locks above all else.

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