25 Gender Neutral Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2024 That Will Blow Your Mind

This year, 2024, the hairstyles have not only become more accepting but also innovative like never before. This is so because it has a wide range of gender-neutral haircuts that suit all forms of identity expression. These styles break barriers and go beyond traditional stereotypes while acknowledging personal style and uniqueness.

Our list of 25 gender-neutral haircuts and hairstyles for 2024 will inspire you to be bold or make subtle changes as you embark on discovering your personality and turning heads wherever you step. There are these amazing looks that set new standards for beauty and self-expression which are about to blow your mind away.

#1 Edgy Textured Pixie with Blonde Highlights

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This edgy textured pixie cut with blonde highlights is a daring choice for those who want a sophisticated look. They are perfect for heart-shaped faces as they add volume and movement with short chopped layers. A touch of texturizing cream defines the layers simply with enhanced highlights.

#2 Choppy Bob with Micro Bangs

The choppy bob featuring micro bangs is an audacious contemporary hairstyle. Micro bangs in this style emphasize the eyes and forehead through striking contrast. In terms of styling, it does not require much effort since it is low maintenance.

#3 Soft Layered Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

The soft layered bob involving face-framing bangs gives a trendy appearance. For oval faces or heart-shaped ones, it is ideal since the fringes highlight their cheekbones and eyes. Either choose a polished finish using round brushes or go with texturizing sprays to get some laid-back vibes.

 #4 Classic Short Bob with Curtain Bangs

The classic short bob that has curtain bangs has always been considered timeless in terms of hairstyle fashion trends. Bobs add volume to the hair, whereas curtain bangs frame the face gently- This haircut can be managed easily; thus, giving room for casual or well-groomed styles.

 #5 Curly Bob with Short Bangs

A curly bob with short bangs is a great hairstyle for people who have naturally curly hair. The bob length enhances the face and the short bangs make it look playful and young. Spray some curl-enhancing products to enhance natural volume and texture.

#6 Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Side Fringe

An asymmetrical pixie cut that has a long side fringe gives an edgy, stylish look. By having a shorter back and sides compared to longer fringe, this haircut makes for a dynamic silhouette. If you are looking for something dramatic then this could be your best choice.

#7 Short Textured Bob with Curtain Bangs

Short textured bob styled with curtain bangs is one of the modern hairstyles that require less maintenance. Medium to thick hair benefits from movement created by soft layers; hence, they are ideal here. It looks nice on wavy hair as well and can be easily done using light mousse.

#8 Feathered Shag with Curtain Bangs

Feathered shag with curtain bangs is a combination of contemporary trends and old fashion making it fun to wear. When you add feathered layers, you will bring in more texture and volume while framing your face softly through its curtain bangs. For those people who fancy staying trendy or want to refresh their looks, then this will be perfect.

#9 Asymmetrical Wavy Bob with Side Part

The asymmetrical wavy bob that comes along with a side parting is considered as being fashionable and modern today. The irregular lengths create some dynamism which accentuates natural waves thereby adding mobility to them at the same time. With medium-thick hair types, it frames faces easily besides being simple to style up

#10: Nonbinary Wavy Shag with Straight Cut Bangs

The non-binary wavy shag with straight-cut bangs is very fashionable and trouble-free. The choppiness of layers gives a sense of some texture and movement, whereas the bangs are blunt adding their frame to faces. A natural wavy shape makes this style look relaxed, which is perfect for everyday chic.

#11: Long Layered Shag with Highlights

The long layered shag with highlights is bold and edgy. Ideal for medium to thick hair, choppy layers give movement and texture. Subtle highlights enhance dimension while deepening the overall style.

#12: Tousled Blonde Shag with Long Bangs

An effortlessly cool rock-inspired appeal is what the tousled blonde shag with long bangs offers you. Frames around the face leading to the eyes are long banged, making many face shapes work out well. This low-maintenance cut needs just a wave sprayed on it to remain as it should be.

#13: Inclusive Textured Mullet with Soft Fringe

A textured mullet featuring soft fringe combines retro vibes with modern flair. Soft fringe frames the face whilst choppy layering adds volume and movement too. This no-fuss cut enhances your natural texture, so you can have an awesome undone look.

#14: Edgy Midnight Blue Mullet with Undercut

The bold choice for a striking look would be an edgy midnight blue mullet with an undercut that will create a statement about you. Longer layers in the back contrast sharply against short undercut sides thus creating a dynamic style. Top layers of mullet add volume and texture that make you stand out from the rest.

#15: Soft Blonde Shag with Layered Bangs

This soft blonde shagging has layered bangs which results in its modern edge on classic styles characterized by them. Lang ones add length but also a movement that gives this hairstyle more volume. The layered bangs frame the eyes beautifully, making it versatile and stylish.

#16: Bold Red Shaggy Mullet with Choppy Bangs

The bold red shaggy mullet with choppy bangs is a statement style for an edgy look. When people see this hair color they will understand that it is very visible to add body or texture to your hair you do not need to use much pomade in it. Simply a texturing spray can make all the difference between a lived-in tousled finish and perfectly-polished hair.

#17: Gender Neutral Textured Shoulder-Length Shag

For one of those modern care-free styles try textured shoulder-length shag. For the face of oval, heart, and square shapes waves are softening frames that work well with them. Just like 18, this cut needs no additional styling and makes natural waves more prominent.

#18: Two-Tone Bowl Cut with Undercut

This two-tone bowl cut has an undercut to provide a statement. The platinum blonde stands out sharply against dark brown creating a unique edge. Suitable for round and square face shapes, it draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

#19: Messy Gender Fluid Bob with Choppy Bangs

Relaxed but edgy—this is what the messy layered bob with choppy bangs offers you. Bangs are choppy which gives their personality alongside framing faces as strikingly done as in this case. Low maintenance may mean taming unruly textures by use of styling products too.

#20: Shaggy Shoulder-Length Cut with Wispy Bangs

A shaggy shoulder-length cut complete with wispy bangs gives you that laid-back trendy look. Adding layers creates movement while bang softly frames the face into which they fall. Trimming often maintains shape while keeping bang light.

#21: Tousled Blonde Bob with Dark Underlayers

Depth and dimension are created by dark underlayers on a tousled blonde bob. A chin-length cut frames the face and is easy to maintain. It has to be maintained to keep wave-defined and color-vibrant for a relaxed yet chic look.

#22 Sleek Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut

This haircut is a sleek platinum blonde buzz cut and is highly striking but demands minimalism. Hair color by different people both men and women is regularly kept short to avoid hiding some of the facial features. This hairstyle can be easily managed and maintained since the person will keep on dying it to maintain its bright color.

#23: Platinum Pixie with Textured Layers

A platinum pixie featuring texture layers is among the best hairstyles for fine to medium hair because it adds fullness as well as movement. The hair’s length is short which makes it easy to maintain whereas its color is vivid giving you that edgy look. It is a modern haircut that stands out and requires little styling effort.

#24: Textured Undercut with Voluminous Top

This is an inclusive, trendy undercut with a textured top. For medium to thick hair, the sharp undercut contrasts with a longer-styled top. It enhances the overall look by adding depth to it.

#25: Edgy Platinum Undercut Pixie

A bold and unique appearance can be created using an edgy platinum undercut pixie. With close-cropped sides blending into a slightly longer-textured top, this haircut looks stylish. The color of this hair is easy to maintain as long as you keep visiting your stylists regularly; otherwise, it will fade away and lose its significance.

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