Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy

Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy

Circle (Rainbow)
Circle (Yellow)
Heart (Purple)
Circle (Orange)
Circle (Green)
Circle (Purple)
Star (Orange)
Star (Yellow)
Star (Green)
Star (Purple)
Fish Tail (Pink)
Heart (Yellow)
Heart (Orange)
Flower (Purple)
Flower (Yellow)
Flower (Green)
Flower (Orange)
Octagon (Purple)
Octagon (Green)
Octagon (Yellow)
Octagon (Orange)
Square (Purple)
Square (Green)
Square (Yellow)
Square (Orange)
Horse (Purple)
Horse (Green)
Horse (Yellow)
Horse (Orange)
Heart (Rainbow)
Flower (Rainbow)
Animal (Rainbow)
Owl (Rainbow)
Horse (Rainbow)
Octagon (Rainbow)
Square (Rainbow)
Fish Tail (Yellow)
Fish Tail (Green)
Fish Tail (Purple)
Butterfly (Pink)
Butterfly (Yellow)
Heart (Green)
Butterfly (Green)
Butterfly (Purple)
Cactus (Green)
Octopus (Red)
Pineapple (Yellow)
Crab (Red)
Dinosaur (Green)

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Have you ever seen your children, or even yourself, open a box of bubbles? This Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy is an interesting sensory tool to relax and provide an interesting sensory interaction that you are sure to enjoy!

✅ Stress reliever, help restore your mood
✅ Bright colors and a pleasant popping sound
✅ Ideal gift for your friends and family
✅ Endlessly reusable and washable too
✅ Worldwide Shipping
✅ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Material: Silicone

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Please allow 14-35 business days for the item to arrive, depends on your location.

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