Discover Yogurt’s Surprising Benefits for Hair and Scalp

We know yogurt as a tasty and healthy food enriched with vital nutrients, probiotics, and proteins.

But have you heard that it is also a popular treatment for hair growth and restoration in Middle Eastern tradition?

Do not stop reading to learn more about the benefits of yogurt for your hair and scalp.

Yogurt Hair Masks

There haven’t been clinical studies proving that applying yogurt directly to your hair and scalp is beneficial.

However, its use in this way has been supported through anecdotal evidence as well as cultural practices.

In addition, many people use direct applications such as a deep conditioner or a hair mask.

The supporters of using yogurt masks on the other hand say that consistent application of them promotes strong healthy hair because of the protein present in yogurt.

Another belief they have is that there is lactic acid in yogurt which:

  • Keeps your scalp clean
  • Gets rid of dead skin cells
  • Assists hair follicles to grow

People apply these face masks to their locks if they have damaged their tresses from:

  1. The environment which includes sun, air pollution, and even shifts in climatic conditions;
  2. Styling tools like combs, straightening irons or blow dryers;
  3. And chemicals meant for styling, coloring, straightening, or curling.

Putting on a Yogurt Hair Mask

Supporters recommend applying plain yogurt onto your head like this:

Begin with dry hair.

Spread the yoghurt mask at root level traveling down towards the ends of strands on your head.

Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Some would advise you to cover your hair up with a shower cap.

Next, rinse off the mask using lukewarm water. At times after rinsing out the mask one can choose to shampoo her hair by making use of mild shampoo although some are against it.

Yogurt Mask Recipes for Different Hair Problems

While no proper scientific backing exists yet anecdotal evidence implies particular constituents for various hair conditions.

For example:

Damaged hair could be caused by yogurt for softness, strawberries for shine, coconut oil to stimulate hair growth, and egg for vitamin and mineral recovery;

Dandruff can be treated through yogurt and lemon, honey for moisturizing the scalp.

If you have dry hair, use yogurt to soften it up and if you want to moisturize your locks apply honey.

If you have dull hair, use yogurt so as to soften it while if you want to moisturize your strands apply honey and for the same purpose, use coconut oil.

Those with frizzy manes should know that yogurt moistens them while bananas will add volume and hence you need honey which will also give some moisture.

For oily tresses cleanse using yogurt, degrease using lemon, and balance pH levels with baking soda.

If you suffer from thinning hairs then clear these follicles using plain yogurt alongside aloe vera’s nourishment.

Yogurt is good in protein while olive oil conditions, eggs to have necessary minerals.

It is better to ask a dermatologist or a hairstylist about adding yogurts into your daily routine.

They might know other products or recipes that will suit you best depending on their personal preference or the condition of either your scalp or hair type

Try Yogurt on Hair only after Patch Testing

To do this check the ingredients listed on the packaging of the yogurt mask first.

If milk allergy is one of them or if any other ingredient that you might be unsure of its effects on your skin when applied to it do an arm patch test before applying it to your head.

Just take some amount of this element and rub it lightly on the lower forearm.

Check at least 30 minutes later whether there are any signs of allergy (itching redness stinging). If not proceed with application onto hair as well as scalp.

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According to a 2017 study of 60 healthy men aged 18 to 60 years, eating yogurt significantly reduced the signs and symptoms of moderate to severe dandruff.

The study suggested that the positive effects were potentially attributable to the yogurt’s probiotics and their impact on the skin’s immune system and skin barrier.


While there is no scientific evidence that yogurt can help cure hair diseases, many people have faith in traditional beliefs.

As well as anecdotal evidence that suggests that applying it on one’s head helps with scalp and hair growth.

Yogurt is loaded with protein, essential nutrients as well and beneficial bacteria.

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Hence its wide application in homemade hair masks targeted at nourishing and rejuvenating one’s locks.

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